I don’t feel like going to therapy. I want to stay here and continue chain smoke in my room and listen to music.

I got bitten up by what I suspect are bed bugs. That is the last time I sleep on a dirty couch.


every fucking day

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I can smoke weed again. ;)

No more panic attacks. Anxiety a bit for sure, but I’m good man. 

Weed, klonopin, prozac, and cigarettes.

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I hate when you’re sad for no reason; you’re with people, you’re fine, you’re happy, you’re laughing and smiling, but at the same time it almost feels like you’re not there. You keep dazing in and out of conversations, you cant focus on one single thing. And once you’re by yourself you don’t want to do anything, you’re sad and feel alone. Someone asks you what’s wrong and you want to tell them, but you don’t even know what’s wrong yourself.

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How I cross a street


I don’t look both ways, I just walk.


When a car comes I think to myself, “you got brakes. You hit me I get money.”


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